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Toyota Drops Scion - We Don't

Posted on 02/08/2016

Bud Adams Automotive Repair are HUGE fans of Toyota’s Scion Brand.  We love to service and repair them - they are one of our favorite car lines because they are:

1.       Reliable-They don’t break down

2.       Fuel Efficient

3.       Economical-They last forever, or close to it

4.       Hipster approved

5.       Not a car Mom or Dad would drive

So it was with sadness that we read couple of days ago that Toyota announced that it would no longer produce Scions – as of 2017 they will incorporate some models into the Toyota lineup.  A Toyota spokesperson said that the decision was not taken lightly. Industry analysts think one of the main reasons was that low gasoline prices had an adverse impact on the sales of the Scion - which was built with fuel economy in mind.

The good news is that Bud Adams Auto will continue to service and repair Scions. We have ASE Certified Technicians who can take good care of you and your Scion vehicle.  Since Scion is in fact a Toyota, there should be no shortage of repair and service parts going forward.  So continue to enjoy driving your Scion, and when you need service or repairs - bring it to us. Bud Adams Automotive will help you Maximize your Transportation Dollars.

                             -Bill “CarCzar” Adams

Is your new Audi, BMW or Subaru burning too much oil?

Posted on 11/02/2015

Recently, Consumer Reports released a result of its annual survey of car owners. One of the unexpected results was that some newer cars (2010-2014) consumed as much as a quart of oil per month – such consumption would be considered normal in cars that had over 100,000 miles, but newer cars should not be anywhere near that figure.

Following BMWs, Subarus, and Audis were most likely to experience this problem:

  • BMW 5, 6, and 7 Series and X5
  • Subaru Outback, Legacy, Forester and Impreza
  • Audi A3, A4, A5, A6 and Q5

Audi spokesman Bradley Stertz, according to AP, said that "a class action lawsuit against Audi over oil consumption by the 2.0-Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines is close to being settled without the company admitting liability or wrongdoing." Affected models include: 2009 A4, 2010 A4 and A5, and 2011 A4, A5 and Q5. Those companies may in the end admit liability – or not, but if you drive one of these cars, do check the oil regularly, and keep an extra quart in the trunk, just in case. Remember, you are responsible for your vehicle weather or not it is burning oil. Running the engine out of oil will cause extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle, and will void any warranty implied or expressed in any further settlements regarding oil consumption.

Takata Airbag Recall grows

Posted on 10/12/2015

Photo Credit: Mic


If you drive a Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, or Subaru, you have surely heard about the Takata airbag recall. The Takata airbag recall has exceeded 35 million vehicles and counting. If you haven’t received a notice from your dealership, chances are that you will soon.

Some dealers still have pretty long wait times, but many are finally catching up, so you may be able to schedule service within a few days, likely less than 2 weeks. If you received a notice, call your dealer to schedule an appointment. And it the wait time is long, schedule one anyway. Takata airbags could cause serious injury. Have them replaced as soon as possible.

The recall was caused by Takeda airbags deploying with too much force, sending shrapnel into the interior of vehicles. Both deaths and injuries have been reported. Best we can figure out, when moisture would get into the inflator, it destabilized the chemical compound that inflates the airbag. Because of the moisture, the compound becomes destabilized, and explodes with greater force than intended.

If you did get a recall notice, call your dealer to get a free replacement service. Dealers do not charge for this service. If you bought a used car, didn’t get a notice, or just aren’t sure, you can check your VIN number here ( ) – this is a site provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Volkswagen Scandal Broadens

Posted on 09/29/2015
As you probably know, Volkswagen admitted to using special software to game the emission tests in its diesel cars sold in the United States. When tested, cars would show legal emission levels, but during regular driving, they would have much higher emissions, in some cases as much as 40 times the permissible level. 
EPA has threatened to impose fines up to 18 billion dollars. 
Justice Department started a criminal investigation. 
Reuters reported that according to EPA, Volkswagen initially denied it was trying to game the inspections, and claimed higher emissions where due to "various technical issues and unexpected in-use conditions.” 
After EPA threatened to withhold certification for its 2016 models, Volkswagen admitted they gamed the tests. Volkswagen management said it was "deeply sorry" for the breach of trust, and promised full cooperation with German authorities.
In the meantime, EPA said they would test cars made by other automakers to see if similar deception took place. 
We will keep you posted as the story unfolds.
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